Be the first to know

when your Websites or Servers don’t respond

We offer you a quick and intuitive platform available from anywhere in the world

Keep informed about your
Websites & Servers status

You already know that the control of your Websites and uptimes is critical so that problems can be solved quickly.

We monitor the response time of your Websites & Servers

Pingrely has monitoring servers in all continents that allow checking the response time of your Website & Servers with a frequency of 1 minute, 365 days a year. This monitoring is done with a double-check to filter out false positives, having in this way full control of your online services. Our checkups are based on Website Monitor (HTTP / HTTPS, change of content) , Web Servers (FTP , DNS, ping) , Mail Servers (SMTP , POP3 , IMAL) and more.

We alert you immediately

You will be notified of performance problems or downtime of your Websites with alert mechanisms that support Email, SMS and more. Our alert s can also be integrated with external platforms as external platforms as Slack, Pagerduty, HipChat among others. This way you will be the first to know about any incident, being able to work on the problem as soon as possible. Our service will notify you again when the service is normalized.

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We inform you the Error

Pingrely will not only send you an alert when your Websites are not responding, but will also send you the cause of the problem, allowing you to make the best decision against the incident.

We generate detailed reports

Pingrely saves each event in its historical, allowing you to access to them at anytime you want. Thanks to this you will be able to automatically receive detailed reports on the incidents of your website for further analysis within your structure.

Easy and intuitive control panel

Our control panel will show you the necessary information in an easy and intuitive way for a simple monitoring. In this way you can take care in a quick and effective way of the really necessary data for the success of your business. You can select data from a specific period of time to work in detail on the activity of your Websites and Servers

Real-Time Display System.

Know all the available monitoring
through our service

Detailed reports

Automatic sending of weekly and monthly reports.

Monitoring Locations

Setting of locations to test your Website and servers.

Checkups Time

Setting of time interval for the uptime checkups

Alerts Information

Setting of contact information for the sending of alerts against any incident.