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Each user is unique to us, that's why we want you to know part of our staff and users

Our Company

We are a group of professionals with large experience in the communications market and safety of information. We stand out for adapting to the needs of each particular project, we integrate different technologies and specialize in providing open source solutions adjusted to the needs of each company.

Currently and for 15 years, we put emphasis in actions oriented to IT security, which are required by companies of different industries and magnitudes.

Pingrely seeks the wellness of its customers, listening to them and sizing their needs, with strong vocation of service to satisfy their expectations.

Our teams's vision

Get passionate with us.

  • María Repetto
    Marketing Director

    Our passion and experience in the field is what allows us to grow day by day together with our customers, providing them the best solution to their needs.

    Juan Martinez

    Our mission here at Pingrely is to make your business more profitable, optimizing your time and letting you focus on what gives added value to your work.

    Héctor Paterno

    Using the best available technology, we bring to our users a simple platform to use but at the same time powerful and reliable.

    Matias Itros
    Creative Director

    We work every day on improvements and new solutions for our users, making our work a constant challenge.


In Pingrely we’re young and passionate professionals. We always work to provide the best service because we know how important it’s for our users to be able to trust us and our product. The pursuit of success in your business is also ours.

Why Pingrely

Price Comparison: ThingSale

Presence in 32 countries

It’s important to count on Pingrely in our business in order to see in an easy way our website performance and to adjust in real time when our website goes down or gets slow

Ecommerce: Thesaver

Presence in 32 countries

Thanks to Pingrely we no longer lose sales because of the continuous falls that we had of our website. With them we were able to assess the proper server provider for our business.

Ebay partner: Contrasty

Presence in 24 countries

With Pingrely we took control of our business in a more dynamic and easy way, they alert us instantly when there are problems with our server!