Do you care a lot about your users?

Ally with us to add them more benefits.

Your Company + Pingrely

Through our alliance plan you can give your users the monitoring of their website in a simple way so they can know its performance and achieve more effective results.

When launching an online presence strategy, not only is it necessary to have an attractive website and to be visited by thousands of potential customers. The most important thing is that the website is online when these customers visit it!

Who can participate?

We detail some examples, propose your idea where to use our service as an added value, your ideas count!

If your company is a marketing platform: partnering with Pingrely can give your users the monitoring of their website while running their campaign and receive alerts when it goes down.

If you manage a social network or a company and services directory: your users will be able to see in their profile their website uptime and receive alerts when it goes down to quickly react to that incident.

If your company is a communication and press agency: you can show your customers in more detail the effectiveness of their communication campaign, not only informing about the impressions and clicks they had, but also the time their website was online during that time, and they’ll receive alerts if it goes down.

How is it implemented?

The implementation is very easy as we’ll assign you an access to our Api.

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