Uptime Monitoring

We inform you the activity time of your website

By controlling the uptime of your website you can solve problems quickly

Know the availability and uptime of your Websites

When creating your presence on the internet, controlling your site uptime and its performance is as important or more than the rest of the investments made.
With Pingrely you can instantly know your website and servers’ availability and their response time. Knowing their performance is critical for your business, being able to solve problems that arise as soon as possible without major inconveniences.
An online business must always be online, never lose contacts or sales because of performance problems of your website or servers!

We alert you immediately

You will be notified of performance problems or downtime of your Websites with alert mechanisms that support Email, SMS and more. Our alert s can also be integrated with external platforms as external platforms as Slack, Pagerduty, HipChat among others. This way you will be the first to know about any incident, being able to work on the problem as soon as possible. Our service will notify you again when the service is normalized.

More info

Know all the available monitoring
through our service

Detailed reports

Automatic sending of weekly and monthly reports.

Monitoring Locations

Setting of locations to test your Website and servers.

Checkups Time

Setting of time interval for the uptime checkups

Alerts Information

Setting of contact information for the sending of alerts against any incident.