Performance Monitoring

We inform you the performance of your Website

Know the time your website takes to load

We inform you the loading time of your Websites

It’s not only important to know if your website is online or not, you should also know the time it takes to be fully charged.
A slow website is sometimes worse than a dropped one, it shows a great weakness and lack of attention in it.
Get to give your users a quality service with the help of our tool.

We generate detailed reports

Pingrely saves each event in its historical, allowing you to access to them at anytime you want. Thanks to this you will be able to automatically receive detailed reports on the incidents of your website for further analysis within your structure.

Know all the available monitoring
through our service

Detailed reports

Automatic sending of weekly and monthly reports.

Monitoring Locations

Setting of locations to test your Website and servers.

Checkups Time

Setting of time interval for the uptime checkups

Alerts Information

Setting of contact information for the sending of alerts against any incident.